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Dynamic Web

Dynamic Web is the term General Processing uses to describe expandable data-centric internet/intranet applications. These applications can perform any task that you require. Dynamic Web applications provide multi-device access and ease of administration.

Specializing in data driven web design and development, General Processing can create anything from brochure-ware to web based business applications.

This site is built and managed with a General Processing web based software solution called DynaSite. Click on the image at right to see more about DynaSite.

General Processing has real-world experience harnessing the power of the Internet.

  • Web based corporate business applications
  • Custom web development with new and existing systems
  • Pre-built e-commerce modules ready for deployment
  • CRM and Workflow applications
  • Web integration with MS Exchange and MS Outlook for anywhere messaging
  • Web site content tools that enable content changes from anywhere
  • Web based digital dashboards
  • Secure web systems
  • E-commerce store personalization and cross-sell recommendation engines
  • Analyze visitor behaviors

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