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General Processing products are designed to give you the flexibility you need from your technical tools.
Focused on Eye Care Practice management solutions, Opticware and soon to be released Opticware Online will change the way you look at medical record keeping.

Enabling real-time updates to websites, DynaWrite and DynaSite allow you to change a sites content from anywhere, anytime.

Introducing a new EMR tool for eyecare professionals. Designed to aid eye doctors and technicians keep an accurate, easy to reference archive of exam records, appointments and patients, Opticware will prove to be an invaluable time saving tool for your practice.

Opticware Online
The new way to outfit your office with Opticware. Soon to be released!

This site is built/maintained with DynaSite! DynaSite is a web based tool designed to make site updates and additions easy. With DynaSite you can make real-time changes to content without the need for ftp uploads or web designers.

DynaWrite is a web based editing tool that allows you to update editable areas in your site in real time from any internet connected browser. It adds great convenience to site areas that need to be updated often, like newsletters, what's new areas and employment opportunities areas.

Ja Crypter
Ja Crypter is a simple encrypt/decrypt tool built with Microsoft .Net 2.0. It provides AES 256 bit encryption to any file(s). Read more about AES Rijndael algorithm.

Use at your own risk and remember encryption is only as good as your password. Read about password strength at ubok.

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