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Exam Charting

Chart fields and functionality have been refined to offer you the best solution for exam charting.

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Opticware Trial

Appointment Scheduling

  • See history on every field.
  • Rx for contact lens and glasses.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Save time throughout a patients visit.
  • Keep track of unlimited number of trial contact lens prescriptions.
  • Save time and money with exam records that are readily available at all times.
  • Load a patients past chart into today's chart, then edit only the conditions that have changed.
  • Prescriptions are instantly available for printout.
  • Customized keyboard shortcuts in fields with typical entries, keeping Dr's focus on the patient not the data.
  • Recall integration within chart.
  • Output exam records for use by a patients other health care providers.
  • Hidden notes area for 'Conversation Starting' personal notes.
  • Secure and non-secure areas for different people in your office to gain access to exam data.

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