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Opticware Data Backups

Computers are a great way to store data that would be equal in stature to a mountain of paper. Thankfully with a disciplined electronic data backup plan most data stays safe, safer than paper and ink. We no longer have to wade through a mountain of papers to get to the document we are looking for. Opticware is no exception. Say goodbye to the huge file cabinets full of past exam charts. Say goodbye to the lost chart you are trying to find so one of your loyal clients can have the same glasses prescription they got last time.

Even though Opticware provides the best methods for electronic data backup, it also provides a paper backup utility. This tool offers you a failsafe method of making sure that every exam gets printed on paper if you want to include hardcopies into your backup regimen. You can print an exam on one 8x11 sheet of paper with the click of a button. (printer required)

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