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DynaWrite is a html based editing tool which allows you to manage web content on a live site from your browser.

Site areas served by DynaWrite:
  • Employment Opportunities - Update your job postings daily
  • Feedback - Change the feedback topic whenever you like, feedback is sent to your email inbox
  • Miscellaneous - Change content on any page in your site anytime
  • Newsletter - Update your newsletter as often as you like
  • What's New - Keep employees and customers up to date on current happenings.

Supporting Pages include: Logon - Editor - Display

Access to editing tools is password protected. The password can be changed by the person who holds the administrator password.

Use with existing web pages or newly designed pages.

  1. Tool is enabled on the pages by adding special tags around editable areas.
  2. Uploading the html into the tool by copy and paste.
  3. Existing links within your site that point to the page you will be making editable will need to be changed.
Once these 3 steps are done you have a page that can be edited anytime anywhere! It is very easy and takes little technical expertise. Basic knowledge of html is required.

Most hosting companies with NT servers will have required supporting software available at no extra cost. Or have us host the pages for you.

For answers to technical questions about DynaWrite - DynaWrite Support Area
To talk to someone about implementing DynaWrite - Contact General Processing

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