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General Processing, Inc., was founded 4/18/2002.



An accomplished Microsoft Web/Software Engineer with 4 intensive years of technical experience in connecting businesses to customers, clients and vendors.  Possess excellent technical skills that are balanced with equally strong business analysis skills to produce reliable, manageable and efficient software solutions.  Have worked extensively with both upper management and end users through the full life cycle of projects.  Diverse business experience including banking, human resources, retail, environmental, inventory and medical, coupled with excellent communication skills provide natural adaptability to numerous business environments. 



Business Process Automation - Software Development – Database Architecture and Design



Programming/Scripting Languages: Visual Basic 6 - VB.NET - VBA - VB Script - Javascript – T SQL – Cold Fusion

Platforms/Applications: Classic ASP – ASP.NET – XML - SQL Server 7 – SQL Server 2000 – Exchange 2000 and 5.5 –MAPI – CDO 1.21 – WEBDAV - MS Internet Information Server (IIS) - COM+ - Visual Studio 6 – Visual Studio.NET – Visual Source Safe - Windows NT, 2000, XP – MS Access – MS Excel – MS Word – MS Outlook – MS Frontpage



Bremer Financial Corporation - Wells Fargo - Fidelity National Information Solutions – Turck - VistaInfo - Toro - Midwest Wireless - The Eye Doctors Inc. - Airhart & Co. - eBizWorld - iBirthday.com




General Processing, Inc.

President/Founder & Software Consultant (2002 to Present)


Overdraft Management System – Lead Data/Software Architect

Designed and developed a dynamic scalable software application to manage overdrafts for major financial services company. The application provides a secure one-stop solution for automated processing and scheduling of time-line based overdraft management duties to any department in the company.

·          Worked with managers from Exception Processing, Collections and Web departments to gather requirements and create application for new and existing overdraft management plans.

·          Developed scalable architecture to accommodate adding new overdraft plans and editing timelines in real-time.

·          Designed and developed business rules layer and import routines for daily ITI import of new and existing overdrafts.

·          Automated generation and web-based administration tools for customer communication letters.

·          Designed and developed business rules that allow a change in normal time-line routing based on user interaction.

·          Provided direction and data-layer interfaces to front-end developers.

·          Administered all platforms and systems for optimal security and performance.

·          Developed web-based tools for real-time administration of overdraft programs and their time-lines.

·          Developed reporting tools for evaluating employee performance and overdraft statistics.

·          Created the application’s security model and security rules modules.




Lockbox Deposit Application – Lead Data/Software Architect

Automated routine business processes, helping major financial institution’s staff perform more efficiently.

·          Worked with accounting department to define usable views of large EDI file.

·          Developed application to parse and organize EDI file into structured reports.

·          Defined requirements and created enhancements to existing manual processes to produce scalable application for managing lockbox accounts and statements.

·          Built application to automate the processing of lockbox transactions.

o     Credit customer account with lockbox deposit

o     Fax or email generation of statement

o     Lockbox customer database




Systems Administration and Planning – Network Architect

Designed and built expandable state of the art network for a small IT consulting firm to enable fully secure communication/collaboration and access by employees on or off site.

·          Defined company networking requirements.

·          Defined company structure as relates to NT security structure.

·          Installed and configured Windows 2000 advanced server with Exchange 2000 server.

·          Installed and configured Active Directory, DNS, IIS, FTP, Outlook Web access and Terminal server.

·          Configured firewall and routing for security and access.

·          Established system backup procedures and infrastructure.



Solonis, Inc.

IT Consultant (2001 to 2002)


Product Production and E-Commerce – Data/Software Architect

Created front-end web interfaces, back-office order fulfillment systems and inter-system communications for geographic environmental technology firm.

·          Developed order management web tool for customers and customer fulfillment center.

·          Designed rules for, integrated, and developed product fulfillment services.

·          Built Sql Server 2000 based interfaces into the website’s back-office system for three desperate systems, allowing real-time communications across the country.

·          Built interfaces and input for XML based environmental report-generating service.

·          Defined and implemented application architecture and security.

·          Recommended best practices concerning web system performance and web architecture to team with little web experience.

·          Worked closely with business, test and development teams to produce a solution that meets business requirements.


Document Management (Workflow) – Data/Software Architect

Implemented workflow solutions. Designed and developed Intra/Inter Net workflow portal to be used by any organization for any number or type of document management solution (workflow).

·          Worked closely with office personnel, human resources and managers to design steps, gather and steer requirements, as they pertain to purchase requisition, vacation request, time-sheet, expense submission and other document management issues.

·          Designed and developed workflow form processing module to process workflows submitted by Word, Excel, ASP, HTML, Adobe Acrobat and just about any other popular format, enabling sales team to target a broader range of prospects. This module not only worked with many formats, but could also be used by someone with limited technical expertise. Technologies used include: CDO, MAPI, ASP, IIS, Exchange 5.5, SQL Server, VB6, Visual Interdev, IcomXpress icXpertFlow (formerly Keyflow), Adobe Acrobat Writer, Javascript.




Ulysses Net Solutions

Microsoft Solution Developer (1999 to 2001)



Dynamic / Real-time site tools – Data/Software Architect

Designed, developed data driven web site and its content creation/management tools for startup e-business client.

·          Helped startup e-business client make innovative high-level business idea into state of the art web site.

·          Implemented secure administrators area that allows creating and editing menu items, site sections (tabs) and body content in real time.


E-Commerce Site Redesign and Creation – Data/Software Architect

Integrated complete graphical site redesign for online retailer with existing ASP code and implemented test and go-live plan.

·          Code and integrate, a complete site redesign, adding a new look and many dynamic data driven pages.

·          Worked closely with graphics team to integrate new look to clients site.

·          Succeeded in designing test plan and systems to allow new site to go into production with zero downtime.



Microsoft Group Technical Management– Department Lead

Initiated and authored Microsoft Group coding standards and project management tools for large IT Consulting firm.

·          Member of four-person team to bring a standardized code development life cycle process to the Microsoft group.

·          Led team of five tasked with gathering requirements and developing a scaleable online application for documentation and archiving of code and design walk-throughs. The application also serves as a code library, client and competitor library, employee skill-set library, and employee profile library.

·          Designed and coded modules using Object Oriented methods to allow future enhancements that were slated to include employee time tracking, and resource management.

·          Designed and coded group and user level application security to be effective for users on any platform or browser and allowing administrators to set security instantly from any browser.



E-Commerce Sales Tools – Data/Software Architect

Developed and designed new, and enhancements to, existing Sql Server 7 and MS Access object oriented and relational databases.

·          Created data mart / mass email tool, enabling targeted email marketing campaigns and web site based sales promotion tracking.

·          Converted poorly designed MS Access legacy database to relational Sql Server 7 database with minimal downtime, allowing client to pursue added functionality and VB6 front-end.


E-Commerce Site Retooling – Data/Software Architect

Edited and customized MS Site Server 3 commerce e-commerce site allowing on-line retailer to solve issues pertaining to shipping and handling of wide variety of products.

·          Configured shipping method/times to accurately reflect, for a given perishable or non-perishable product, available shipping methods for any day of the week including holidays.

·          Enabled shipping order items to multiple addresses.

·          Edited the purchase pipeline to enable custom shipping flexibility.


Sales/Technology Department Liaison – IT Consultant

Develop the technical schema and code modules, as well as the business proposal for snap-in type e-commerce modules.

·          Work with sales department to offer pre-packaged e-commerce sites.

·          Developed schema that includes the ability to add modular features such as promotion tracking, mass e-mailer, custom business reporting, product management and more.

·          Counsel sales team about current trends in Microsoft solutions relating to e-commerce.



Independent Consultant (1999)


Medical Records/Practice Management Application – Project Manager/Lead Developer

Worked with eye doctors to create paperless solution for eye-care practice management.

·          Gathered business requirements designed and developed, Visual Basic / Sql Server 7 client server medical records, scheduling, and client information application, used by ophthalmologists and eye clinics.

·          Assimilated roles of Product/Project manager and development lead.

·          The application utilized many of VB's built in controls, OLE with MS office products, and application level security.

·          Required reports are generated via Visual Basic data reports.

·          Defined and took all necessary steps to mass distribute application.

o     Version control

o     Install packages for demo and full versions

o     Defined system requirements

o     Documented application and user instructions

o     Product branding

o     Define deployment issues

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