Ja Crypter is a simple encrypt/decrypt tool built with Microsoft .Net 1.1. It provides AES 256 bit encryption to any file(s). Read more about AES Rijndael algorithm.

Ja Crypter

Use at your own risk and remember encryption is only as good as your password. Read about password strength at ubok.

Download Crypter.zip Now

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server, and 2007 Server.


  1. Download crypter.zip file to your desktop. Double click to extract crypter.exe file to your desktop. Double click Crypter to run.
  2. Single File: Browse to and select one source file and the Output file is automatically created in the same directory. The file extension (.enc by default) is appended to the output file.
  3. Multiple Files: Browse to the files (must all be in same folder) and select the ones you want as source. Select a folder for output of multiple files.
  4. Password: The same password used to encrypt will decrypt.
  5. Delete Source Files: After the processing is done if this is checked a prompt will ask if you want to delete the source files or not. Selecting Yes deletes all files in the source box.
  6. Click Encrypt or Decrypt